No matter how big, or how small, whether they are furred or feathered, or perhaps no hair at all, we are here for you. All pets are cremated equal. All pets are cremated individually. 

  • Individual cremation within 48 hours or sooner 
  • Certificate of cremation 
  • Cremated remains returned in a temporary container
Price of cremation is based upon weight of the pet:

    WEIGHT (lbs)                      PRICE     
​Under 3lb

3-25 lbs

26-50 lbs

51-75 lbs

76-100 lbs

101-125 lbs

126-150 lbs

151-200 lbs

Over 200 lbs








Additional Charges:
After Hours Surcharge $45.00:
After 4:30pm Mom-Fri & 1pm Sat.
Removal from Vet (within 15 mile radius) $35.00
($1.50 per mile over 15 )
Witness Cremation (Loading) $45.00
Disinterred Pets (over 25 lbs.) $45.00

Call us now at 330-477-7387 (PETS)
Or send us an E-MAIL

cremation authorization form needs to be completed for every pet and can be done with our staff at time of arrival or printed from here and completed before coming in. 
Prices include the following:

We are happy to provide two ink paw print impressions for $5.00 
And or a fur clipping for $5.00

​Urns in stock starting at $8.00 and many more online CLICK HERE