Here at Pet Care Crematory we are all animal lovers giving us the ability to truly empathize with you and your family during this time of loss. We treat every pet that comes through the door with dignity and respect as if they were part of our own family. 
    Carl R. Weaver, better known as "Chic" is the founder of the company. Chic is a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer in the state of Ohio. In 1974 Chic graduated cum laude from the Cincinnati School of Mortuary Science. Shortly after in '76 he began a free-lance embalming service, building positive relationships with many area funeral homes. In the early 80's Chic realized the national cremation trend was growing and saw the need for a crematory in the Stark County area. In 1988 Chic built CRW crematory and opened its doors in May.  Some years after Chic realized more and more people were cremating their pets and in 2003 he added on to CRW to create Pet Care Crematory. Chic wanted to take his experience from working in the funeral industry and put it to use consoling and comforting families during the loss of their beloved pets. Chic is picture to the left with his with his Bichon Grady 
    Philip W. Skeeles is the Director of Operations at  Pet Care Crematory and has been with company since day one. Phil actually came up with the name Pet Care Crematory. Chic and Phil were both graduates of Lincoln High School. Phil holds a bachelors degree in Urban Geography from The Ohio State University and is also a Certified Crematory Operator through the Ohio Cremator Operator Association.  Pet Care Crematory couldn't ask for a more loyal dedicated team member. Phil is pictured holding his Labrodoodle Brody. One of Phil's favorite activities is his daily morning walk with his dog. 
    David I. Saba is the Manger of Pet Care Crematory. David was technically the third official employee of the company and has been with Pet Care Crematory for about five years now. David is a GlenOak High School Grad and holds a bachelors of science in Geology from Kent State University. David is also a Certified Crematory Operator through the National Funeral Directors Association. David is currently serving a Funeral Directors Apprenticeship to better                                    serve the families at Pet Care Crematory.
                   David is a huge animal lover, taking in strays as                                  they come. He has two dogs, Logan pictured with                            him, and Buddy there on the back of his Kayak.                                  David loves hiking, camping and being outdoors                                with his dogs. He also has a cat named Blue. 
    Gene Palumbo Is the new proud owner and president of Pet Care Crematory as of 2017. Gene was a member Marine Corps Reserve. He then worked in the health industry for over thirty years focusing on customer service and retention. After retirement Gene found
 himself unfulfilled wanting to put his 
experience to more meaningful use. Gene
 then met Chic in 2015 who after 40 years in
 funeral industry was ready for minor role in 
his company, and a partnership was born.  
Gene also is a Certified Crematory
 Operator.  Although Gene is not an animal 
owner himself, he is an animal lover. Taking
 any opportunity to watch his 
granddaughters and his grand-dog Joanie